New Deadline Dates

The new deadline dates for The Messenger are now available on our 'Useful Forms' Page.  These cover the editions from September 2014 right through 2015 and help  us meet  printing deadlines.  Thank you to everyone who support us with this.  We couldn't do it without you!

Useful Forms

Have you ever spent ages looking for the Plan dates request form sent out to you?

Have you forgotten which table you put the 'News from the Pews' form on?


Help is at hand!  Take a look at our newly introduced tab at the top of the Front Page.  Entitled 'Useful Forms', we are aiming to

upload the latest versions of forms you may find useful.  We will update these with the latest version of e.g. Plan dates, so keep checking back.


If there are any forms we haven't included but which you may find useful, email us and we will see what we can do. 

Not all documents can be uploaded or made available to complete electronically but we will do whatever we can to be

good stewards of God's gifts to us by reducing our carbon footprint.




Daily Devotions


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Word in Time


The Methodist Church in GB issues daily a Bible Study. (Click on subscribe to feed when visiting for the first time).  Click on the day to access full information 


Daily Prayer


Prayer of the day issued by the Methodist Church in GB (Click on subscribe to feed when visiting for the first time).


Word Live

Sign up for daily Bible studies by Scripture Union.  These are in various formats including reflective, contemporary, traditional.


Gracious Spirit dwell with me.

Gracious God, light and guide of all [who] put their trust in you: grant us in all our doubts and uncertainties the grace to seek your will, that the Spirit of wisdom may save us from all false choices and that in your light we may see light; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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